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Vampyr by CydSoDelicious

I've become obsessed with playing as a Vampire Lord in Skyrim...

Rihanna is amazing, I mean, everyone knows that.
It's not debatable.

But what is just blowing my mind right now is how much I love "Only Girl(in the world)", specifically the chorus which totally feels like it was written for me. Like she just read my mind and was like "this is how Cyd feels, I should reach out to her and let her know I feel this way too". 
...Which is egotistical as fuck. 
But still. 
Oh my god this song wow. 

Otherwise uhm I should maybe say stuff besides that.
My birthday was the best ever. 
Which is awesome considering how few drugs I was on.
Oh shit! This is news, hang on...

Okay so my best friend ever in the whole world and I have reconnected and he came to visit me for two weeks about a week ago!! 
We had this huge fight/falling out and the I moved to Texas and we didn't speak for over two years!
I missed him constantly, if you've been really just totally connected with someone like that you'll get it. 
It's not like missing a lover, it's like missing family.
Like being homesick for the brother/sister you CHOSE.
The one who CHOSE you. 
And after all the time, he just sent me a message and the best part:
He had felt the exact same way! 
So he came to Buffalo and it was awesome.
I was broke for half of it so we spent most of the time just chilling and smoking out but it was like old times again. 
He went back to Oregon and I miss him but it's so different.
The space doesn't feel so bad now, we're besties again. 

Thats pretty huge news, how did I forget to say? 

I miss how much more active I was on dA... 

Anyways, I totes have photos coming soonish and they will be awesome, so yeah.

The title of this journal is so fucking apt lol

  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Rihanna
  • Reading: The Dark Tower (book 7) - Stephen King
  • Playing: Skyrim (I'm a Vampire Mistress, rawr)
  • Eating: ALL THE TIME! Yay!
  • Drinking: Cheap vodka and Coke


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Hello! Thank you so much for making a favorite out of my deviation "Remover!" That was a looong time ago, but I've been practically extinct from dA up until yesterday, and couldn't recall if I had thanked you...Better safe than sorry! Thanks a plenty, friend!
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happy birthday ^^
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Happy Birthday!
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1) I LOVE your photos! Amazing! 2) you are exquisitely beautiful! Wow... 
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Girl, can I use one of your photo for a  drawing reference? I'm already using It haha ;P
I saw it in a random blog, only later I saw the source.
It's ok if not, I will keep it to myself.
CydSoDelicious Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Sure! Can I see???
etorigan Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013
thank you! soon as I finnish it I will send you a pm <3
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